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Valve shuts down Greenlight submissions, dates Steam Direct launch

By June 6, 2017Uncategorized

After months of detailing store changes and features coming to its new self-publishing platform, Valve has announced that today is the last day for its soon-to-be-replaced service, Steam Greenlight.

As of today, Valve is not allowing submissions to the Greenlight program and has shuttered user voting on existing projects as well. Meanwhile, its replacement, Steam Direct, will go live on June 13 with a $100 submission fee, the same amount developers paid to submit a game to Greenlight before.

But if you’re a developer with a game still in the Steam Greenlight pipeline, here’s what you need to know. Valve is in the week-long process of reviewing the catalog of Greenlight submissions yet awaiting a response, but it notes that catalog is currently made up of over 3,400 titles.

Valve’s plan is to directly greenlight as many of those games as they “have confidence in” but notes that some options will be denied based either on insufficient voter data or player reports. However, denial during this final week does not disqualify developers from submitting their projects to Steam Direct when it launches next week.

More information on the shutdown, as well as details on both Steam Direct and statistics from Greenlight’s five-year reign, can be found on the Steam Blog.

Source: Gamasutra 2