Flick to Kick!

Table football is a fond memory of any football loving man/boy over the age of 25. It was the phenomenon that was created by originally using bottle caps for players weighed down with lead weights that went onto become one of the best played games of all time. At its height table football games sold 300,000 games every year with 70,000 of those being sold in the UK alone. The phenomon extended to over 50 countries and was translated into over 16 languages. Unfortunately with the advent of video games table top football became all but forgotten except in the minds of the faithful few who adored and still play the game to this day in tournaments all over the world. Our mission is to evolve the game into the digital era and enhance its playability with the functionality that comes with native devices. In this new guise you can now swap and trade players, build your own teams, design your own kits and even bet against other players in the online league.


Subbuteo is now 50 years old


Subbuteo is sold in over 50 countries


It is played by over 5 million people worldwide


It has been translated into 16 different languages


Affiliated in over 30 countries by FISTF


Owned by Hasbro since 2002




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