Koei Tecmo CEO hints at the future of Nintendo's mysterious NX

By December 30, 2015Uncategorized

Nintendo’s NX is one of the video game industry’s biggest mysteries. Announced back in March as a game platform with “a brand-new concept”, no one really knows what form the NX will take. 

At this point, the NX could be just about anything – with many speculating it’ll either be a handheld system, a dedicated console, a hybrid of the two, or perhaps even a controller for the smart device era

Now, Yoichi Erikawa, president and CEO of Japanese publishing powerhouse, Koei Tecmo, has shed some light on the issue, hinting in a recent interview with 4Gamer that the NX will in fact be a home console. 

During the interview, translated by Siliconera, Erikawa was asked about the performance of home consoles, which prompted the CEO to mention the NX in response. 

“Actually, I think that [home consoles] will start doing much better. The PlayStation 4 has recently surpassed 2 million units in nationwide sales, and Nintendo announced a new ‘machine’ called the NX,” explained Erikawa. 

“From this point forward, I believe that each company will make clear commitments for these machines.”

While Erikawa doesn’t categorically state that the NX will be a dedicated home console, his comments echo those made by people “familiar with the [NX] development plans,” who recently told the Wall Street Journal that the NX will be not one, but two devices, with Nintendo packaging a powerful dedicated console alongside a handheld system that can be used together or separately.

Source: Gamasutra