Originally beginning life as a graphic novel penned by our very own creative director Clarke Noone – Chrysalis follows the life of Mooki, a headstrong young monkey who is on a quest to find the answer to evolution. His tribe have come under the unruly gaze of a powerful dictator and it is upto Mooki to escape the jungle and unlock the answers that will free his tribe from captivity. What he finds along the way exceeds anything he even knew he was already searching for.

Monkey quick concept

Monkey concepts by Cristian Giraldes


Away from the brainwashed lathargy of his tribe Mooki begins to gradually connect with his higher self and attains powers that supercede anything he had ever imagined. One of his most powerful connections is the ability to connect with past lives and alternate realities. Mooki must learn how to focus this power in order to learn lessons from his past lives in order to progress beyond puzzles and obstacles on his arduos journey.


Along the way Mooki encounters various other bewildering characters and situations that he must befriend, decipher and resolve in order to get ever closer to his destination – The one true source with whom he must merge with. In this particular storyboard we witness Mooki falling in love with the moon and his endeavours to capture her attention resulting in an almost untimely demise for both of them.


Storyboard and animation by Helen Su


As Mooki becomes gradually more enlightened on his journey so vicariously do his tribe. Sensing restlessness the tribes Gorilla leader slowly loses his grip on the tribe and sends his anarchic army of baboons to capture and return Mooki to the jungle in order to restore control.



As Mooki collects each part the fragmented crystal he learns how to harness the power of them as he progresses. Eventually learning how to refract light through the crystals he uses them as weapons of light that can temporarily disorientate his enemies. A secondary use is the ability to burn objects by focusing the light for a set amount of time.


With stunning vistas and gorgeous panoramic backdrops created by Mikael Gustaffson the game gives a real sense of being alone in a big wide world. With the Baboons on your tail and the hope of your tribe depending on you there are also a few hidden nasties waiting in the undergrowth to halt you on your path.

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The games music comes in the form of a magical instrument called a hang drum which creates an ethereal sound that resonates beautifully with the games environment.


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